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Bettina Babbitt

Fresh Hay

As horse people know, connections are everything and here in Central Texas, we’re connected. As avid equestrians ourselves, we can help you get involved with your new Central Texas riding organizations, clubs, training programs, and show circuits. The Austin area is home to nearly every discipline imaginable so whether your passion is dressage, roping, barrel racing, eventing, polo, jumping, driving, or even jousting, there’s a community here for you.
Broken down into individual, in-depth blog posts, Fresh Hay will be providing feedback from a variety of local equestrian events, as well as exclusive interviews with trainers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and an assortment of equine specialists to answer all the questions about Central Texas horse ownership.
Fresh Hay is here to keep you informed, get you connected, and give you a boost into the tight-knit and welcoming world of Austin equestrians.

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